Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365: {5/365}

Mail. {Etsy mail, specifically.} I have a small obsession. There is something about receiving a package that showcases the sender's thoughtful care, love and passion for their trade. 

Here is today's amazingness, a onesie with Mr. Darcy's proposal from Pride and Prejudice stamped on the front. It's going to pair perfectly with the tutu skirts and cardigans that fill Mimi's wardrobe for spring and summer.

*Dream* - to one day own a boutique and online shop that I may package my wares to bring surprise and delight to others. 


  1. I'm glad you're blogging your journey. I wish there had been blogs when I was a single mom, special days we had!

  2. Very special days Nicole... I was really bad her first year. I'm a structure and routine person so I figured this would be a good way for me to stay consistent. :) Love your blog, it always encourages me. Thank you!