Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project 365: {4/365}

Sure signs of a successful outdoor play session: soiled clothes and muddy shoes, a runny nose, cold-kissed fingers and cheeks and a dusting of sidewalk chalk. It's always a dramatic exit {she is my girl} to return to indoor play.

I need to frame this... or at least include it in her baby book. It sums up current life. We spend most days in our pajamas or comfy clothes. No need to get dressed since we leave the house only a few times a month. {My mom is battling stage IV cancer and I am her only caregiver.} Mimi has noticed her Grammy's constant hat wearing and has decided it is a permanent accessory for her as well. As for me, I grab the shoes closest to the door. Today, they just happened to be cute. :)

Each day is filled with new discoveries for this little woman. Today she taught herself to unscrew bottle tops. {It was great fun sorting vitamins back in to their appropriate bottles.} And most of the day she chose to walk/run while looking up at the ceiling or the sky {It didn't matter to her that she fell every few feet}. I can see the "imagination wheels" turning and I couldn't be more excited. :)

She makes me smile, she brings me such joy. I am so blessed to be her mummy.

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