Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: {30/365}

Playing hostess did not allow for much picture taking but I snapped a few to share tonight. :) It was magical. Mostly because of the marvelous company and beautiful babies, but a little ambiance never hurt. ;) 

This is part of the mantle and the pom garland that zigzagged across the living room. 

We did a snow globe craft. Naturally, if I'm throwing a party there needs to be a good dose of fairy tale and a dash of imagination. {Two of the key fundamentals of life in my book.} :) I love that the girls wore party dresses and I didn't even ask!

Ah, the details, I live for them. :)

The birthday girl, drinking pink lemonade out of a straw and throwing one of her famous parade waves. :) 

I keep saying it, but I could not have done today without all the friends that helped. It was perfection. The amazing Kara Stewart captured the day and I will blog it in length soon. 

I'm happy, I have a very full love tank from all the people I got to share today with. Thank you to all who attended and made our day simply magical.


  1. so lovely!! every little detail of the party was perfect! and Meirabel looked absolutely beautiful! I loved the snow globe idea too.

  2. I am thrilled that it went so well, but very sad I missed it. I sent my love though!