Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365: {22/365}

After waking up at 10 am {Yes, we sleep late around here.} We started our Saturday with an outdoor breakfast of sprouted grain french toast with blueberry butter and maple syrup. It is divine!

The rest of day was pretty much all about dress up and playing outdoors.

The next time you doubt if you should wear your rabbit fur shawl and pearls to mow the lawn, just go for it. {It seems she has traded my bra for her fur shawl this week.} I guess you would call this look, "a vision in pink hippie elegance"? :)

This is my whinny face and point. {Pick me up.}

And the scrunch with a closed fist. {I'm frustrated.}


After our nap we took our first 6 mile walk of the year. {Did you know carrying a baby in a front pack while walking burns an extra 250 calories per half hour?} Meirabel loved it! I have been hesitant because I didn't know if she could last that long without wanting out. 

{Someone is starting to rock a Euro hairdo...} :) 

I let her walk when we got close to home. This is her saying, "Ohhh, mama!" Her expression when she adores something. {Typically it's used when she sees a cat, finds an article of clothing she loves or a photograph of someone she knows.} It's precious, she has been doing it since about 10 months and I have yet to get it on video. 

We spent the last few minutes of sunshine collecting pine needles and treasures before turning in for the night. Can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow. I love this life I get to live.


  1. Aren't you glad that you decided to do this project? Look at all the amazing little memories you have captured:)

    I LOVE that she is wearing a pearl necklace and a fur shawl while mowing the lawn. Perfect girl!

  2. SO glad Amy! I need to get some kind of format going but it has really helped me learn my camera!

  3. I love reading your thoughts, adventures and tips. I sure love you friend and am excited for this life you get to live too!

  4. I wish I had the time to blog my days like this, with pictures. I know you can now make a book out of your blogs so this would be a GREAT way to scrapbook and preserve your life!