Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365: {25/365}

Thank you Auntie Carli for the fleece hat and mittens. {sarcastic tone ;)} Oh, about 1 this morning these were the only items that made Meirabel happy which eventually led to her passing out. She slept with them on and wore them a good portion of the day. {Who needs the use of their hands, better yet, who wants to fight with a one year old?} She walked around with her hands in front of her like a bunny, so adorable I had to grab the camera. 

Fast forward to snack time. She wanted cheesh, big surprise. Moments after clutching it in her "paw" it fell to the ground.

After numerous attempts she managed to get it to stick to her glove so she could take a few bites. It didn't stick for long...

and she got frustrated. Mom had to play the bad guy and pry those little mittens off. Of course, the pearls where close on hand for a quick trade. 

After her nap we went outside to read and soak up the last of the sunshine. 

We took our evening walk and I hurried home to grab my camera to capture the incredible sunset. 

My Mimi is thirteen months today. Funny how thirteen months isn't very long, yet you can't really remember life without them. All that you can recollect doesn't even compare to the sweetness of life now. 

She is so bright and spicy with an ever growing vocabulary. She surprised me today by pointing to my eyes, mouth, nose and ears and told me what each of them were. All the months of repeating them over and over with no response and voila, she knew them. 

Goodness, I am blessed.


  1. What? You don't prefer fleece over pearls?? I love that she's attached. Auntie Car loves you baby girl!!

  2. I will be the mom with the child in the fleece hat in August at the park. ;)

  3. She is just too cute! I love that she was so intent on eating the cheese with the glove on...she so spicy!

  4. Oh man, I love her sweater almost as much as I love her :)

  5. hehe I love it, love the cute frustrated face!:)