Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project 365: {87/365}

We encountered a problem last week. Meirabel won't stay in her bath seat and she is too little to be in the slippery tub on her own. 
Sooo, momma takes a bath with her now. I turn on some music, add extra bubbles and sandwich her between my legs. 

She could play for hours. It has been amazing for distraction free time with her. I've seared my memory with the way her hair curls when it's wet, memorized every crease in her skin and that precious freckle on her shoulder. I am already treasuring these memories and I can only image what they will mean when I am old and gray. ♥

Project 365: {86/365}

It was freezing but this little lady needed out of the house so we bundled up and headed out. They say it is supposed to clear up tomorrow but it doesn't seem possible. 

It's been fun to stay cozy inside but we are definitely ready for some sun. I've cooked far too much comfort food the last few weeks. :) Speaking of comfort food, I made these bacon cheddar scones for a play date tomorrow and they turned out so good!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 365: {85/365}

I can't think of anything sweeter than this...

She is growing so fast, 95 percentile in height and a size 6 shoe. Absolute perfection. :)

Project 365: {84/365}

Today is Meirabel's 15 month mark. This is her monthly photo since she was in a wild mood and it was far too messy to go outside. Cutest blur ever...

We both are starting to long for some sunshine. She says "uh-oh" over and over when the hail starts to pelt down. {That is what she is doing here.} :) It's pretty darn cute.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 365: {83/365}

It came! I am so very excited to get started. I have searched for some time to find a fitness program that I like with an eating program that I could do while breastfeeding. Only bummer, I wish I had a friend to do the program with. It would be awesome to have someone to celebrate successes with, encourage each other and split up all the cooking. If anyone is interested, let me know! Of course you would have to be in Redding... :) Btw, it is called Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson.

Project 365: {82/365}

Happiness is... when your almost 15 month old wears your hat around the house growling like a lion. :) 

Project 365: {81/365}

Rain. Rain. Hail. And more rain...

Mid afternoon I saw a break in the rain I scooped Mimi up and took her outside for some fresh air. She has learned quickly how fun it is to dance in the rain.

Doing a headstand on the sidewalk... kidding! Sweet girl was a little top heavy trying to get up the curb and her forehead kissed the concrete. She wasn't hurt and I think the photo to be quite humorous. :)

Project 365: {80/365}

Mimi was extraordinarily excited to feed herself yogurt for the first time tonight. 

Can you hear the squeals of excitement? :) She did a really good job!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 365: {79/365}

More and more lately I have been nurturing my inner hippie. It feels wonderful, amazing and freeing. 

I've been on this journey my 30th year to simplify in all areas of my life. It has been difficult and I have realized I will always be one part glamorous old Hollywood and one part hippie. Frustrating and wonderful all at the same time. After all, it's who I was created to be. {Makes simplifying my wardrobe nearly impossible, but I really want to.} I've been trying to coin a term for my style and who I am discovering I am as a woman. I have yet to find it but I will share when I do.

{Tired chicken} My girl fits the hippie baby part quite well and frankly, I love it. But... I also love her in a dress, tights and mary janes. :) Hmmm. 

I am going to try and share more of my heart on these blog posts. I find keeping up on a blog and my writing journal impossible these days. We shall see how it goes...

Project 365: {78/365}

Mimi decided I needed some help getting the vegetables ready for the soup I was making. {Love her fingers in the above photo.}

It kept her busy while I prepped the rest of the ingredients and I could not have been more pleased with the job she did. :) I made this recipe for Coconut Red Lentil soup. It was delicious and will be a permanent addition to my recipe file. In fact, the entire 101cookbooks site is great for easy to prepare heathy meals. Check it out...

Project 365: {77/365}

Someone found the cookies I was snacking on during her nap. Oh so cute, I had to snap some pictures. You would think she got chocolate everyday. :)

Project 365: {76/365}

St Patrick's Day! My little loves conception anniversary. :) {Blowing kisses and melting my heart}

The cousins go home today but first we celebrated with biscuits and green gravy and green orange juice. Not very appetizing to look at but quite tasty. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 365: {75/365}

The last couple days have been rough. We received bad new about my mom's health and my siblings and I are trying to get her affairs in order. So much paperwork... my sister has been knee deep in it while I care for the four girls. We got a break tonight when our dad took us to dinner and we had some Sweetspot for dessert.

Project 365: {74/365}

The cousins are in town! How nice it is to have playmates for Meirabel. The girls try and baby her but she wants to be a big girl. She keeps right up, it amazes me. 

Project 365: {73/365}

Sweet morning stretches... I think if I loved her anymore my heart would burst.

Project 365: {72/365}

We attended a dear friend's bridal shower brunch this morning. Meira was enamored with the trifle. She soon figured out she could reach and was soon helping herself. ♥

Project 365: {71/365}

My sister has always sang the praises of this product and now that I am a mom I could not agree more. It works magic for painful nipples as a new mom and it's the best thing for the cuts and scrapes of childhood. It isn't sticky so I now keep it in my diaper bag to use on everything from chapped lips to road rash. 

Project 365: {70/365}

Today was a sad day, Mimi took her first big tumble off of a bicycle. I don't do well with blood or my baby being hurt so I was thankful to be over at Kara's house visiting. She fell asleep while I was nursing her owies away and she woke up good as new.

Project 365: {69/365}

I can sit forever and watch Mimi and her imagination in action. And I will never get how kids can squat for as long as they do. :)

Project 365: {68/365}

If my little lady is quiet and she is outside I am sure to find her with her hands in the dirt or she has found water. It keeps her happy and I will gladly change her clothes numerous times a day if need be. 

Project 365: {67/365}

Mimi got her first ice cream cone tonight. It was a plain cone but it had a little ice cream left on it. 

She thought it was the greatest thing. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 365: {66/365}

Today my sweet 14 month-going-on-3 year old brought some handfuls of dirt in to share with mom. Of course I had just mopped that morning. She was quite pleased with herself. :)

Project 365: {65/365}

We got a double pack of our favorite sippies in the mail today. I scored these both for $17. How I love a good deal! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Project 365: {64/365}

Mimi has discovered lounging in the bathtub. She dips her toes under the bubbles and then pops them up again. I could sit forever and watch her and her imagination wheels turning as she spaces off into the bubbles. Yes, she is my daughter. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Project 365: {63/365}

Mimi discovered a plate sticky from macaroni and cheese and peas makes for a great hat.

Oh the joy of all things new!

A proud and accomplished moment that we celebrated with bath #2 for the day. ♥

Project 365: {62/365}

Meirabel loves her pal Dayly....

A picture that shows her new molar. :) It only took 2 days for it to emerge, I was shocked. {First time mom moment.}

Today we got to get out of the house. We joined Carli Ray and her brood for lunch and to try our hand at making deodorant. {I didn't get pictures of that but Carli did.} :) It was great fun, I'm so excited to try it out to see how it works. If we find a recipe that works we are scheming to set up a booth at farmer's market. We'll see how it goes and I will keep you posted.