Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365: {19/365}

My sister and 3 nieces were in town as our mom was in the hospital having chemotherapy. With these warm temperatures our days were spent outdoors soaking in the rays before the rain shows its face again. We went to Turtle Bay this morning and I was excited to take pictures of the cousins. {You can't really take pictures when you leave your SD card at home.} So, I had to settle for a few during backyard play.

Blurry, but the nappy hair blowing in the breeze makes me smile in this picture.

Lots of giggles and shrieks as she pushed her around.

I did not grow up with cousins around so it thrills my heart to see these girls together. Meirabel and Gwyneth have such a sweet bond. {Gwynie cried when she had to leave her tonight.} ♥

What a crazy past few days! I am exhausted but my heart is full.

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  1. so cute! Love her little dress
    having cousins growing up is the best!