Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 365: {31/365}

Yet again, I can't pick just one. I wanted to eat her up in these overalls and bandana today. :) 

I love new discoveries...

We had a lovely morning spent with friends and another blessed afternoon spent outdoors. We moved all the plants we had been protecting from the chilly nights out to soak up some sun. And of course my helper was not about to miss out on this fun new task.

This bandana was my mom's in high school, then I wore it and now my Mimi-girl get's a turn. 

One month behind me for Project 365 and I am feeling quite accomplished. I am going to get a better format going since this project has turned into more than just a picture posting for me. I have learned a little more about my camera and oddly, it has slowed down time for me a bit. I love that, more moments to soak up all the sweet baby goodness of my little lamb. 


  1. The overalls are killing me! She looks like me when we met, rocking overalls and bandannas.