Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project 365: {27/365}

Busy day! Frousin Chloe came to play for a couple hours this morning. Chloe brought me two spray bottles she found outside so I could fill them with water. {They like to "water" the plants.} Meirabel caught on in no time and all I could see for the next hour was the tops of their heads and they were busy watering. {Now I know why people have a second child soon after the first.} ;) 

My brother came down from Ashland this afternoon to help me with yard work and to visit with our mom. {Today's photo is of Mimi watching us work. She was unsure of the blower.} :) I got our grocery shopping done for the next couple weeks and made a trip to the Dollar Store. I love that store {minus the chaos and the weirdos}. I completely scored on a few items for Meirabel's party, who would have thought.  I'm so excited to celebrate her this weekend.

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  1. A good day! I will be at her party in Spirit!!