Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365: {34/365}

The next generation of ya-ya's. {minus a few} Love each of these ladies, how fun and what a privilege it is to watch them grow up. 

This is a typical day on Carli's homestead. Never a lack of children, food, laughter or tears. Where eclectic attire and imaginations run free and dreaming and relaxation are a requirement. 

A little hammock love in the sunshine.

This is the reason Mimi & Mum did not get her post yesterday. "Mum" went and enjoyed some wine and live music with these lovely ladies. {plus Carli S} 

It was my first time leaving Mimi. {she was only 4 blocks away} She lasted a couple hours and I did better than I thought I would. :) All in all it was a beautiful day that let my love tank feeling very full. ♥


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post :) such sweet little girls you all are raising! Mum you look do all of the yaya's....I'm glad you got some me time ;)

  2. This makes me want ya yas, lots of them! And lots of little girls to pass on the tradition to!

  3. Thanks Lindsay, it was weird to be out. As I sat there with my glass of wine I started laughing at the thought of dating again. Oy vey, God is going to have to drop him on my doorstep because I SO do not want to do the dating scene again. I grimace at the thought. :)

    Nicole- ya yas are my lifeline, not sure how quality of life would be without them. You definitely need a few. :) We have 1 lone boy in the group and Meirabel has 8 {blood} female cousins. I'm sure boys are fantastic I just don't have any experience. :)

  4. Never a lack of crack either. :) These pictures melt me. I love the one of Reese and Bella in the hammock. We are so incredibly blessed to have each other.